vert-de-gris: I am starting a series of microtapes. Very short compilations. No particular concept but to share the music i like. The first one is here. Just summer vibes. Bear in mind im not a dj huh? ;) camdiamond:

First installment from my part time series ‘identity theft’ camdiamond:

Everything starts with a sketch.Hand drawing type is one of my favourite things to do. hugogreene:

U.S Army Field Manual 

part time - studio life
Shot by me (Cam Diamond) Family representing - MXM (

We always collect - night A large part of finding your own creative direction is making curated selections from this overload of images and information we are constantly surrounded by and collate it into a visual flow that helps tell your story.

For a small insight into the workings of the label, I will be posting up small selects of what helps guide the journey of part time.


Cam Diamond